My Neighbour Totoro Kusakabe Household

My current work in progress, recreating the Kusakabe household from My Neighbour Totoro created in Maya.

October 2021 Render
Diffuse Render – Maya

Lambert Render – Maya
My Neighbour Totoro Reference – Screenshot taken from the film.
Quality Bench Mark – Mood Board
Researching AAA games as a reference for the level of environment that I am aspiring to create. Ghost of Tsushima and Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice are awe inspiring in their environments, although they have a darker mood compared to Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro, the beautiful Japanese setting and architectural has similar features.
Lighting Mood Board – Having a guide for the style of lighting, mood and colour of the scene. Aiming for natural outdoor early afternoon light to add a scene of realism while keeping to the strong colours used often by Studio Ghibli.

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