Is Design Helping or Harming the Disabled?

For my FMP, final major project, at university I created an interactive exhibition using an Oculus Rift demo kit, Leap Motion device and the Unity software. The aim of the exhibition was to allow audience members to experience what it is like to have an upper-limb disability and use a prosthetic.

Each prosthesis mechanics are adjusted to mimic the strength, precision and grip of the prosthetic from each era, showing the progression throughout the decades. There are also activities to allow the audience members to interact with obstacles to give them an experience of what it would be like to use a prosthetic.

Render of the digital environment.

To make the experience as real as possible, the virtual environment was model to match the environment of the exhibition area as well as allowing for a chose of hand styles and skin types. By dong this it allows the participant to fully immerse themselves in the experience and try to understand what it could be like to live with a prosthetic.

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