Proffessional Profile Picture2Hey there,

I’m a 3D modeller who graduated from Greenwich University with a first class degree in 3D Animation. My final university project used an Oculus Rift headset and Leap Motion device to give able bodied users an idea of what it might be like to be an upper body amputee. Users tried on digital prosthetics and tested out their varying range of motion and dexterity by doing physical puzzles and tasks within my creation of a virtual studio in Unity. The intention behind this was also to see if it could be used to allow those missing limbs to try on custom prosthetics before they were produced using a 3D printer. My dissertation examined some of the possibilities for 3D printing to help the disabled, from prosthetics to bio-printing, and also incorporated a short assessment of the way the media (specifically film) has portrayed characters with physical disabilities.

The moment I realised I could study and pursue a career in 3D Animation was a revelation. I am a lifelong PlayStation gamer and computer nerd, a major film buff and avid reader of Empire Magazine, have seen all Pixar films ten times over (including the shorts), and have an unnatural patience for editing computer programmes and images. 3D modelling is not only a hobby or a job ambition, it is the obsession I have to spend my life doing. I keenly spend my free time modelling and animating to develop my skills, and get immense satisfaction from seeing a model develop. Since graduating, I have been travelling around the world experiencing the most amazing cultures and countries, since arriving home, my main focus has been progressing my animation and using my experiences to further my skills.

Since graduating, I have been travelling all over the world from Australia to Asia as well as North America however my favourite country that  visited was New Zealand. Whilst there i visited many interesting places, however the most memorable was going on many tours and talks with Peter Jacksons special effects company Weta Workshop which showed me many things from behind the scenes. 

Outside of 3D modelling I also enjoy LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) which can be best described as a cross between battle re-enactment, an amateur drama society, and a beer festival. Over the last five years I have been involved in the running of the events, being responsible for my own group of over a hundred players, and also on several occasions for multiple teams of over 800 individuals. My role is to give the players direction and ensure that everyone goes home having had a good weekend. This has been a challenge which I have relished, as it allowed me to test my leadership ability with a myriad of different people from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. This has been of tremendous value by enlightening me to the complexities of other peoples’ lives and has been particularly helpful in developing my inter-personal and management skills.